Personal Injury Lawyer in Oak Harbor, WA

Since your health and well-being are a top priority after an accident, you may appreciate having a personal injury lawyer in Oak Harbor, WA, deal with the legal aspects of your case. Truitt and Lyons, Attorneys at Law has a lawyer who once served as a pro tem judge and court commissioner.

Attentive Service

We can file your pleadings within the proper timeline and appear as your local representative at the courthouse. While we can prepare your case for court, we're also equipped to negotiate for a settlement. We may be able to reach an agreement that pays you for pain, lost income, damaged property, and any medical bills. Because our office hours are flexible, you'll have access to your attorney for advice throughout your proceedings.

Truitt and Lyons, Attorneys at Law is here when you need a personal injury lawyer in Oak Harbor protecting your rights. If you'd like to discuss your situation with us, contact our office and schedule your initial consultation today.